In a perfect world, medical and mental health conditions would be easily understandable. It is so frustrating when you don't understand what to do and when. For many people, health information simply isn't available in an easy-to-understand format. Even when it is available, the concepts are too much, too fast — like taking a drink of water from a waterfall or trying to learn a new language in one day.


We know that with education people are empowered to make healthier choices, and children grow up to be stronger individuals. Studies have shown that children learn and understand material better — and faster — when it is presented in animated form. They say a picture is worth a thousand words ... one second of animation can literally be 30 pictures or more.

Our dream is for the art we create to take viewers on empowering journeys to help them manage their conditions and live longer, happier, healthier lives.

Kara & the (Not So)

Dire Beastie

(Type 1 Diabetes)

Adventure Castle

(S.T.E.A.M./Health Education)

DfV Thinks

(COVID-19, Mental Health Awareness Month, PTSD Awareness Month)

Oinya's Prize



The Tales of the

Golden Acorn


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Drawn from Valor works with professionals in the medical and mental health fields to provide free educational content to the public. The animations we create are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. They are for informational and educational purposes only.


The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that screen time for children be limited to two hours per day. Please consider this recommendation when monitoring your child's engagement with Drawn from Valor's resources. 


A young black girl wearing a mask and a young white boy with red hair wearing a mask each have their eyes closed and their hands up like they are waving to each other

To empower others


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