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When the worries just won't stop


What it is

Intense, excessive, and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations. Fast heart rate, rapid breathing, sweating, and feeling tired may occur.

How we help

We make activities, and tell stories through art that can inform and guide you in managing your response to anxiety triggers. The more you know and practice, the easier it is to take control!

The germs that changed the world


What it is

The highly infectious disease caused by a recently emerging coronavirus.

How we help

We're using art and guidance from real medical experts to share factual information, social-emotional encouragement, activites, and materials that are kid and family friendly.

When the blues just don't quit


What it is

A mental health condition characterized by continuous sadness, "bad mood" or loss of interest in activities, making daily life difficult to manage.

How we help

Sometimes a message of hope bears repeating. Through storytelling and carefully crafted social-emotional content, we encourage and educate about depression symptoms and management.

Living what is while honoring what was

Grief and Loss

What it is

We experience grief and loss much like a "call and response." Grief is the response to losing or being separated from someone, something, where a bond or affection was formed. It can even come from the loss of a way of life, or a place. We express grief in many ways, including emotionally, in our behaviors, and physically.

How we help

Our social emotional materials are designed with the help of medical experts to help destigmatize grief responses to loss that are 100% normal, as well as to promote healing and gentle self-care.

Because self-care is never selfish


What it is

Social emotional hygiene and health involves practicing routines and learning skills to understand and manage your emotions, reactions and relationships.

How we help

The book and comic series we're releasing are designed to lift up and lighten the hearts of anyone who may feel their social or emotional world is shaken up. All the materials promote healthy ways to manage emotions, stress, and change.

When past experiences spoil the present

Trauma and PTSD

What it is

A condition in which a person has difficulty recovering after experiencing or witnessing a terrifying event.

How we help

Our characters in The Tales of the Golden Acorn take kids and families on journeys of self-care and healing from a traumatic event. Dani, our character in the Empowernauts features step-by-step activity PDFs that teach how to manage post-traumatic stress.

When blood sugar sabotages your energy

Type 1 Diabetes

What it is

A chronic condition common in kids, where the pancreas doesn't make enough of the peptide hormone called insulin.

How we help

Our series on Type 1 Diabetes is called Kara and the (not so) Dire Beastie. It breaks down this complex disease into fun learning materials and videos for kids.

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