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Connecting Hearts

By connecting hearts we embrace the kindness of all and share the universal language of love.

Project Info

Audience: All Ages
Duration: 1m 14s
Type: Animated Short
Status: Completed

Quick Description

This animated clip is showcased in the Walt Disney Family Museum's virtual exhibit, honoring "It's a Small World."

Plot Summary

Travel the world with us in connection! Characters from all around the globe connect with a simple gesture of kindness. The act of connecting through kindness breaks through language, age, race, religion, creed, and countless other obstacles. In the end, it really is a small world!

Why this creative work matters

We wanted to be part of this magnificent exhibition put on annually by the Walt Disney Family Museum. To our delight, the full exhibition was made virtual in 2020. Continuing to share and showcase art while socially distanced helps us to maintain the fabric of our communities.

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