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Best of DfV Thinks

Artists help explain facts about trending health conditions.

Project Info

Audience: 6-16
Status: Released 2020
Formats: Digital first clips, images
Keywords: COVID-19, PTSD, Mental Health Awareness

Quick Description

A 2020 collection of animations and materials covering research and news about health conditions.

Plot Summary

Our team of artists partnered with experts to get the straight facts on issues like COVID-19, Mental Health, and PTSD. We launched DfV Thinks, an experimental series of kid-friendly, shareable clips and materials discussing symptoms, causes, and solutions. This is a best-of collection featuring our favorite free materials from the project.

Why this creative work matters

Health topics can feel scary at times, especially for kids and parents. Most people seek information on the internet first - but how can you know it's true? DfV Thinks provides quick, fun, and bite-sized media. Each clip or image helps explain true facts about health, and every one is approved by medical industry experts.

Project Images

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