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Kara And The Not So Dire Beastie

What if kids understanding Type 1 Diabetes was an exciting quest?

Project Info

Audience: 6-12
Total run time: 29 minutes
Format: 8-episode animated series (English and Spanish)
Keywords: Type 1 Diabetes, Health Education

Quick Description

In this fun animated series, Kara learns how to manage Type 1 Diabetes, with the help of some friends.

Plot Summary

Beastie represents a blood cell affected by Type 1 diabetes. Learn with Kara, the RedBlooded Knight, and their friends as they discover how to keep the (Not So) Dire Beastie happy.

Why this creative work matters

Diabetes is big topic to learn about. A child newly diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes can be overwhelmed by new information and medical terms. At the same time, it's crucial that they understand enough to manage their blood sugar levels. This story makes it fun to learn the basics of T1D self care!

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