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Animal astronaut friends explore self-care together in space

Project Info

Audience: Families (adults and kids)
Status: In production
Format: Activities, digital materials
Keywords: Anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress, Depression, Grief and Loss, Activities

Quick Description

Collect and level up each character to earn empowerment accessories!

Plot Summary

Empowernauts are a digital series of collectible astronaut avatars who learn to manage their mental health conditions as they explore the galaxy! Each has a set of five exercises designed to level up their self-care. Complete them all to get them new tools, badges and accessories!

Why this creative work matters

In 2020, reports of new or worsened mental health conditions rose across all age groups, but sharply among kids and families. The numbers are undeniably tied to the rise in COVID-19 cases, as well as the real-life impacts of isolation on community, support networks, socialization, and physical movement. This project offers a fun, no-cost, self-paced toolset to manage social emotional experiences in a healthier, happier “new normal”.

Project Images

Activities + Downloads





Hey Cadet! Head on over to the Empowernauts Launchpad to learn more about each naut's journey!

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