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The Tales Of The Golden Acorn

A family of squirrels uncovers paths to healing from trauma

Project Info

Audience: 12-17
Status: In production
Formats: Comic, Motion Comic
Keywords: PTSD, trauma, hope, healing

Quick Description

A graphic novel series about PTSD set in a magical woodland world

Plot Summary

This series is an intertwined set of stories following a squirrel family as they embark on different personal journies to manage PTSD. The stories are set in a breathtaking and magical woodland world, and showcase how individuals are connected when a traumatic event takes place.

Why this creative work matters

PTS(D) is a condition that often goes undiagnosed. One of the reasons is a gap in awareness and education when it comes to treatment options and common symptoms. This series is intended to aid in fostering conversations about healing among families with one or more members suffering from PTS(D).

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