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Mystery Week #1 Reveal

Here we go!! Welcome to Mystery Week #1 where we reveal our theme for the week!!


You can be an honorary Drawn from Valor Ambassador starting this week! Help us reach our goals and we’ll send you a badge to notify the world that you helped this amazing non-profit. Looks great on any resume and it certainly feels good to help others! As we create content to help kids and grown-ups with physical and mental health conditions, you can feel amazing knowing you helped spread the word to help us GROW.

Do you have a big social following? Use it for good with these simple Ambassador suggestions:

- Having a birthday soon? Consider asking for donations to your favorite non-profit (*cough* Drawn from Valor *cough*) on your Facebook page. As your birthday approaches, Facebook will ask if you'd like to raise money for your favorite charity. If you'd like to start a fundraiser even if it's not your birthday, start with this link.

- Ask for general donations through Instagram stories by adding a donation sticker.

- Give us a signal boost by reposting our content with these sample social media mentions that you can easily cut and paste:

Tell us about your do-gooder deeds on any platform and we'll send you your official DfV Ambassador digital badge to say THANK YOU!

And stay tuned for next week’s reveal as we countdown to the giveaway and livestream bonanza at the end of the month!


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