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Understanding Therapy

Even if it's new to you, talking to a professional for mental health doesn't have to be scary. The truth is we all need help sometimes and therapists can ease the burden of trying to figure life out on our own.

You may have seen our blog post with a detailed list of online therapy options and more but today let's take a look at more information on therapy that might help you choose the best path.

Here are some things to know about therapy (in person or online)

Kinds of therapists:

  • Psychologists work primarily with talk-based therapy for those experiencing issues like anxiety

  • Psychiatrists work with people who have been diagnosed with a mental disorder and can use talk-based therapy in addition to medicine

  • Counselors are trained to help people navigate difficult life situations (ex. marriage, grief, etc.)

Finding a therapist:

  • You can find therapists in your area through such tools like the American Psychological Association’s Psychologist Locator

  • Try using your insurance portal to search for therapists in your network

  • Most online directories will offer to help search for a therapist based on what type of therapy you’re looking for and what themes you’d like to cover

Free or Low-Cost Options:

  • Community support groups

  • Therapy hotlines (ex. The National Alliance on Mental Illness offers free phone/text/chat services)

  • Non-profits in your area can point to services they know of


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