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Donate $30 and be part of our Valor Bunch!

Wanna be drawn like one of our characters? Donate $30 or more and we’ll make it happen! Donations help us create content so we can help others! And donating here is very simple: head on over to our Valor Bunch page!

Each donation set includes a custom-made avatar drawn by our artists and a "signed" photo of your character with Kara and Beastie! These in-house characters make great gifts and each donation is tax deductible. Go on, you know you want one!

If you've donated $30 or more and you'd like to take part in this fun extravaganza, we'll be in touch to ask you for a photo of your face and what you'd like to wear. And that's it! Our Digital Art Director will make sure you receive your own personal DfV avatar within the month.


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