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Having a mental health condition is not easy. It takes valor, courage, and strength to take care of yourself and move forward. What moments of strength are you proud of?

  • Sticking up for a sibling or stranger?

  • Getting up early to work out before work?

  • Giving up a moment of your time to listen to a friend in need?

  • Are you proud of others for their moments of strength?

  • Taking time to learn about your mental health condition?

  • Supporting others who may have a mental health condition?

June is PTSD Awareness Month and, alongside it, Drawn from Valor is celebrating moments of strength through our VALOR theme. Take time to recognize and appreciate your strengths and the strengths of others this month. No act of VALOR is too small and strength comes in all shapes & sizes. We’d love to hear what VALOR means to you. Feel free to share your stories with us and the community to inspire and empower others! If you'd like your story to be featured on our social platforms, please message us ( so that we can coordinate.


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