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Meet and Greet: Dani

You’ve unlocked an Empowernaut crew member! This is Dani, our horse of the crew, and they’re on a journey of self-discovery. They’re on a mission to earn their DETECTIVE badge as they learn more about managing their PTSD.

Below, you’ll find a sneak peek of a set of 5 activity sheets to help walk through PTSD (we'll upload the PDFs once Dani comes back from their latest mission). These SME-approved activities can help manage this mental health condition and, in doing so, can help level up your mental health! And you can help Dani level up with each completed task as they gain new tools to help them explore!

Follow the Empowernauts this month to collect data, traverse the galaxy, and dig deeper into your own mental health with these skilled explorers!

Here's a sneak peek at Dani's activities:


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