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Week 1: It's PTSD

Oinya and Ahir talk about PTSD and the changes it has brought to their home. Together, father and daughter begin the process of learning about their new normal and start on the path of healing.
PTSD Resource Comic

Week 2: Emoticons

How are you feeling; can you put a name to it? Which emoticon best describes your emotions today?

Week 3: Q&A

How does someone get PTSD?

Do people with PTSD get better? Is there a cure?

Is it contagious? Will I get it, too?

How can I help?

Is it my fault?

Someone gets PTSD after they experience a really scary event in their lives or hear about something really bad happening to someone else.

It is not contagious, you can’t catch it from someone else. But someone who does have PTSD might sometimes act in different ways than you are used to. It’s part of how they are dealing with their experiences and not your fault.

PTSD is never the fault of the person who has it. It happens after someone experiences something scary. They can’t help that it happened to them.

People living with PTSD can get better with help from doctors and therapists who know how to help them. There isn’t a full cure, but with lots of help and time, people with PTSD can do everything that they would like to do and live a very happy life.

If you know someone living with PTSD, you can help them by being a good friend, asking how they are/checking in on them. It might help them to ask if they need help. If they do,  you can tell an adult or parent so that they can get the help they need.

Week 4:

National PTSD Awareness Day,

You are Not Alone, & There is Always Room for Hope

There is always room for hope, and you are not alone! These pictures are here to remind you of that. On National PTSD Awareness Day, we invited people to join our artists to draw with us on Facebook and Instagram. If you feel like drawing with us again, we encourage you to press play and draw-along once more!
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