Sponsor a Comic

Q: What do you get when you see a whale, a horse, an orangutan, and a whippet in outer space?

A: An amazing comic series with the possibility for an animated pilot.

And that's no joke! We love our Empowernauts characters so much that we've decided to give them their own series (and origin stories) in hopes to build up to an animated pilot! We have stories ready for Finton the orca, Kimble the whippet, Dani the horse, and Gray the orangutan, but we can't bring them to life without YOU!

Want to be a hero of galactic proportions? Become a sponsor for an Empowernaut episode so that we can create these comics (and future animated pilot) to help kids & grown-ups have fun while learning about their mental health conditions!

Still unsure? Here are 6 ways you could sponsor an episode:

1. Team Bonding Effort - Is your team still remote or rusty being back in the office post-vaccine? Fear not! We have the perfect work team bonding activity!

  • Why not challenge your whole team to join forces? Challenge them to raise funds for an ad spot in one of our comic books!

  • Incentivize your team with a contest for most raised, or buy lunch if they hit the goal

  • Feature a team photo or company logo in your ad spot

2. Corporate Match - Want to snap up a spot, but don’t quite have $500?