Sending You Some Care 🖤

We know it's been a little while since we said hi, but you've been in our hearts and minds. We hope you and yours are finding time for self-care, levity, and calm amid all the change in the world. With that said, we have some news to share with you!

This summer, we finished our three-month DFV Thinks series about COVID-19, mental health awareness, and PTSD. If you want to watch them all again, you can find them now here.

We also released, Adventure Castle: Quarantine: Trapped in the Lab, an animated short to help kids and families who may be holding anxiety about returning to school, quarantine, and/or change. It's a fun, empowering story for those in your lives who may need some extra support.

Speaking of extra support, we've created a set of digital Care Cards to send to your loved ones and besties to let them know they are not alone. A mix of current themes and whimsical images, they are sure to bring smiles to those who may need one. We've shared three below, and the whole set is available on our website.

More than ever, we believe in the mission of Drawn from Valor. If you know someone who could use a boost, please consider sending them our way on our social media (@drawnfromvalor on