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On Our Sleeves: Million Classroom Project

The struggle to stay on top of mental health can be tough, but we want to make sure you have the resources and tools to manage your mental health without feeling alone. Although it might be easier said than done, at least adults know how to take matters into their own hands. But what about kids? How can we help kids going through mental health issues? While we at Drawn from Valor work hard to make this information accessible to all ages, we like to share other organizations dedicated to the same mission.

Meet On Our Sleeves, an organization working hard to provide every community in America with

"free evidence-informed educational resources necessary for breaking child mental health stigmas and educating families and advocates...No Family Should Struggle Alone."

Because 2020 was so tough on families and kids, On Our Sleeves is inviting everyone to join the Million Classroom Project - a project that works towards providing one million classrooms with free mental health resources.

On Our Sleeves has an amazing site full of resources that can help kids who might need it. Their resources section can help find kids’ mental health resources near you by state, browse kids’ health articles by mental health topic, and browse articles on how to talk to kids about mental health topics. Their guides section has even more - how to develop healthy habits in kids, how to help kids stay positive, how to deal with stress, how to navigate mental health and the holidays, etc. Most articles have a video and sample text you can use when speaking to kids with additional resources related at the bottom.

"Now more than ever, our children’s mental health matters."

• 1 in 5 children is living with a significant mental illness.

• All lifetime mental illnesses start by age 14.

• Right now, every child is impacted in unprecedented ways.

Join the Million Classroom Project and check out their resources if you or a loved one need a helping hand. And feel free to look through the extensive resource list on our site. You are not alone and we're happy to assist you on your mental health journey.


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