Mystery Week #2 Reveal

Welcome to Mystery Week #2 where we reveal our theme for the week!!


In case you missed it, Wednesday June 30th we’ll be hosting our Livestream Bonanza “The Golden Oakies Award Show,” chock full of guests, giveaways, and the chance to win an Apple watch!!

If you would like to be a guest during our livestream festivities, please send us a message here ( and we’ll discuss livestreaming options! As a guest on our livestream you’ll be part of a 15-min segment to help us pick our winner for the current giveaway and you’ll have the opportunity to tell us a little about you or your company! Signal boosting everywhere! Any guest who’ll be livestreaming with us will receive a small digital pack of social media boosters to share on their socials and help spread the word.

Before we hop around from social platform to social platform that day, you can enter