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DfV in the News!

The ever-wonderful Healthline published an article this past week featuring your favorite non-profit: Drawn from Valor! As they provided examples of creative comic book ideas in their article “Life with Diabetes, Comic Book Style,” our “Kara and the (Not So) Dire Beastie” comic received a great shoutout. We love learning about the creative ways other organizations are approaching diabetes outreach. As they said, every comic in this article “provides a means of spreading the type 1 diabetes message by using art” and we’re here for it.

Dr. Partha Kar and Revolve Comics of Northern Ireland created an on-going comic series focused on diabetes. They said,

“It is our hope that these stories will inform and educate anyone who reads them. For those readers who are newly-diagnosed, they will hopefully feel more empowered to look after themselves, if not already. It is possible to live a long, healthy life with type 1 diabetes."

It’s a beautiful mission and we feel honored to be a part of it.

Healthline went on to say,

“Of course, Revolve Comics aren’t the only ones to create graphic novels for diabetes over the years. DiabetesMine has covered a slew of them — from the ‘MediKidz’ series, to ‘Kara and the (not so) Dire Beastie,’ and ‘Even Superheroes Get Diabetes.’”

So, while we blush, feel free to click the links on each series mentioned above to learn more and support this amazing collection we’ve become a part of.

If you’d like to read our comic about diabetes, you can find it here.


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