... A gift and an idea that animation can change the lives of kids who have been impacted by Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and/or trauma. ​Actually, our original concept was to create a children's book, but we immediately came up against multiple challenges, including how many to print, what languages, where to send them, and how to get them into the hands of the people who needed them most. 

There was also the issue that, well, ... PTSD is complicated. There is no one right way to address living with the effects of trauma. That might not have been an issue in a book for children as they tend to be shorter, but books are limited in the scope of what they can achieve. Animation, however, is a medium that is far more engaging for kids and is particularly well-suited for discussing topics and issues that are harder to understand in print. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Animation is comprised of thousands of pictures, so ... What if we could make animations about PTSD or trauma that would be freely-accessible to anyone with access to the internet?! We immediately made the change from print to animation and began work on The Tales of the Golden Acorn.

Then ... one day at a backyard barbecue, our founder learned about a pediatric endocrinologist who was trying to create a tool that would help kids understand how to manage their newly-diagnosed type 1 diabetes. After a few discussions, it was clear that her work was perfect for Drawn from Valor, and our mission began to expand. In July 2018, we shared Kara & the (Not So) Dire Beastie with the world.


While PTSD has wide-reaching effects, too many children still don't have access to resources they need to manage so many other medical and mental health conditions. We want to change that. In our dream world, Drawn from Valor helps to heal, educate, and empower children and families impacted by medical and mental health conditions of all kinds.


We want children and their families to live longer, happier, healthier lives. We hope you'll dream big along with us and help us create that world! 


July 30, 2019

We were thrilled to have Dr. Angelina Bernier and our very own Alan, Creative Director, Client-led Partnerships, on the PediaCast podcast to talk about Kara & the (Not So) Dire Beastie.​

Diabetes Daily

August 18, 2018

Diabetes Daily wrote an article about the work we did with our client partner Dr. Angelina Bernier on Kara & the (Not So) Dire Beastie.

Big Picture Ed.

December 15, 2017

Thanks Big Picture Educational for choosing us as your charity spotlight of the week! We think you're pretty great, too! #BPECCharitySpotlight

Giving Assistant

October 30, 2018

Thanks Giving Assistant for highlighting us on your blog! (Have you signed up with Giving Assistant yet? Information here.)

Diabetes Mine

August 10, 2018

Diabetes Mine wrote a great article about Kara & the (Not So) Dire Beastie, featuring a Q&A about the project.

Diabetes Connections

November 21, 2017

The podcast "Diabetes Connection" spoke with Executive Director Todd Silverstein at the 2017 Children with Diabetes conference. Tune in at the 54-minute mark to hear their conversation.

Doctor Gator

August 27, 2018

Doctor Gator wrote a great feature article about our client partner on Kara & the (Not So) Dire Beastie, Dr. Angelina Bernier, and her work in pediatric endocrinology.

The Gainesville Sun

July 18, 2018

The Gainesville Sun wrote a delightful feature about Kara & the (Not So) Dire Beastie featuring our Director of Client-Led Partnerships Alan Caudel and our client partner Dr. Angelina Bernier.

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Drawn from Valor works with professionals in the medical and mental health fields to provide free educational content to the public. The animations we create are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. They are for informational and educational purposes only.


The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that screen time for children be limited to two hours per day. Please consider this recommendation when monitoring your child's engagement with Drawn from Valor's resources. 




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