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Hey, friend! You're not alone.

Keeping your chin up can be tricky at times, especially when life throws you a curveball, or surprises you with a sudden challenge or loss. We get it, and we want you to know... You are not alone! 

If you or a loved one are going through something difficult, you've got friends here at Drawn from Valor. We care about you feeling safe, prepared, and supported during tough times. Find out more in our YANA (you are not alone) Kits, and our COVID-19 and Vaccine Facts PDFs.                       Yours, The DfV Team

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What we do

We saw a need

People with health conditions weren't getting information that inspired them to seek care. We set out to break down that barrier.

Drawn from Valor started out as a single creative project. The idea was this: if we could make a story kids and families could view together, it might start a conversation. That spark could lead to better care and informed decisions about how to seek treatments.

That original project was aimed at helping military families caring for returning veterans with PTSD. The disconnect between the need and actual diagnosis was glaring, but evidence showed that storytelling could be effective. If people saw themselves in a story, it might cut past jargon, stigmas, or fears about seeking care. So, the DfV mission was born.

Since then, we've expanded our work to cover a wide range of chronic conditions and social-emotional topics. As our purpose grew, we grew too. Today we are a full-scale for-impact organization.


How we help

We publish free resources. Our "secret sauce" is that we clear each concept with medical experts who specialize in child and family psychology.

First we identify the underserved corners of the health market. These are usually where kids and families have questions, and medical professionals are noticing a gaps in good quality materials or messaging.

Then we work directly with experts to craft stories, characters, activities, and shareable content. By using comic books, activities, and animations, we can entertain each age group using the right language and imagery. 

We publish these free materials to the public via our website and social media channels. We also work directly with hospitals, schools, and partner organizations to reach the most people possible with our content. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we have given special attention to emotional hygiene and self-care messaging, due to the dramatic increase in correlating mental health diagnoses.

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Caring Child

How you can help

In order to give free resources to the people who need them, we rely on gifts of funds, co-production resources, and volunteer hours.

Being for-impact, we are driven by the love of our cause. Of course, that doesn't pay our artists, development team, designers, and writers.


Donations are what makes this all possible, and the great news is there are so many cool ways to get involved and make a difference, from shopping online to pre-ordering DfV merch to offering in-kind or cash donations that are fully tax deductible!

If you're another studio, organization, or business we are open to partnership and co-production ideas.

Reach out today, or explore these ways to donate:

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